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29-Dec-2017 17:21

At any given time, hundreds of models are performing sex shows online in specialized studios for clients across the world in real time. S., Romania — dubbed the red-light district of the internet — is the world’s capital of the adult cam studio industry, with an estimated 2,000 studios in operation.

Photographer Lorenzo Maccotta stands behind the camera after Raquelle Diva's final session of the night.

Studios are open 24/7, offering eight-hour shifts day and night.

Some are equipped with a massage room, English teaching classes and consultants that provide advice remotely to the models when in trouble during a session.

On June 13, the pop start was seen dancing around her house, posing up against a pillar and tucking into some cartoon face shaped pancakes.

Amid cooling down after her workout, the Teenage Dream hitmaker was also seen playing with her cute dog Nugget.

Some can be blackmailed, threatened to lose anonymity, and pushed into doing things they aren't comfortable with.

More commonly, models feel alienated after spending eight hours in a room."From a psychological point of view, the job is invasive," Alex, a taxi driver whose wife works at a studio in Bucharest, tells Maccotta.

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Cam Soda is also in the middle of testing a virtual reality (VR) camera to bring a fully immersive experience to the masses.Three of the walls — save the bare walls the camera will never see — are covered with some hyperbolic statement wallpaper or cheap silk curtains.

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