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(2) Involving those that feel the problem jnay be eapeci^lly helpful in the analysis of potential solutions. ^Idenfify factors of the problem vhicn are under your control , r.s. (1) Take responsibility for what you control and do aomethlnf^ about . \ CONCLUSION (10 Min) "\ SUMMARY We have looked at a. ' 1 The Rtoup nmy refer to the op Un.t of Force Field Analyjia which , h;e bllen'^^LI^d for guid«.c., however the following factor, ate note- worthy: , \ ^ " \ ' a. After Hle^^elbping the llet , each ferpu^ .wilr^e^^de f Jf^^^. «.d-.those forc.'s that Out of ^^•J^^f^J^i;^ (NOTE: We »i.t'*dju9t to those forces that we cannot alte^r or control, imd adapt and alter those that can bic.) • c. ii W^ , of forc M* ^ - 3.' Instructor will inform groups how M^ich time' th^y have to compliit^ task. 3 u b« Lncoujrages clients to determine reasons for barriers to their conmunlcation.

/ (2) Go to appropriate OPR" that has control over other factors. a« lh« Itt Hiler^ or chalrperuon: iiiay feel threatened by Huch dls- cunalon^ believing he/she will lone control of the group* b* Thoae proceiiure B do not iiiiply a disorderly comi Qunication process » but en Uanci tlie communi- cation flow, involvrment of the ^ « manbera^ and the group atmosphere* EVALUATION 1 • vn^at factors need to be con- sidered when deciding what type of deciliion-^aklng process to use in a group? Wliich decislon-naklng process is the nost time-consuming? Eech group will fir-t bril Wetbrm aod develop a list of helping. , The iroup ii to select an individual tv report to the total grotfp ^^^^J'^ analysis of helping and hindering force. FORCE FIELD ANALYSIS , PURPOSE: Facilitate undttratanidlng of complax forc^a Influencing events (Itidlvli^ual, group, organisation) and: to plan change. Lncourape client's control over their own situation: .

f , " • d .\o.l drin'f think yon-need to leuiain Hiessltd „por feal K thai \ nure mess.-d up now. e You're confused, awd alarmed with ou were a kid m schoolf* .25. IVobing, Interpretive, Supporti\e, and hl\'alnati\e A general description of each of the response modes appears belo\s : V Ihulerstandifi^i^ A res|)t)nse t(*nden( y which indicates that the ( onnst lor's intent is to tc'spotui in a manner which asksjhe client whether the counselor nnderstands what the ( Ih»o( is "saying/ how the c:lient **feels" about it, Kow it "strikes ' the client, how the cljt nt se(*s it.

I his IS the Hogerian reflection-of-feeling approach P — Prohinfi A response tendency which indicates that the counselor s intent is to gather further information, provoke further discussion along a ceiitfth line, to (juer\ .

Group participation \a\v \nv U\ clcithrv likr Imts I (o u t and a uood tinir It rnakit's rur sick insidr mv. but s A wnif mind to i^^v om II- on rrc-ome n om (oi,fus.o,i . and a Ingh scoie Yhows ^ lack of |)reference for a Kiven response mode.

Bui sho cant lu'lp it Shr was born that \a\ And I can't help it hrcans.' I was Ixirn this way- And I ^ct this Icdiim I love sister Mrally I do- Milt I )iist crjrd and criod -until I was sick I the finiio otlu r uirls lia\ Qu do. and rno N e ii Jiead iiv ii more iiatrirai iiiamifr f - ' . •t ,ust lookec J at Vhe't soattract^e as 1 C.v She t t And she has no style, nd I asked nns Hr How d6es she foohso many people- U hy can T they see through that u a N shn deiiu-d it U hen I l»nt .t t., h,.r, I M. The .i\(i.i Kc counselor reports his preference in the order appearing on the graph, that is I luiersfandin K.

Taking action before analysis of Initial data Is completed. 658 i Ihm taodel rcqulree adequate cotomltm^nt to vork on the problem (O|)tlonal •xampla; Qultt oft«n •ofiia ••rvlcc kg^ncl M are accused of parfonaing a taak but at the same^ tlma not being committed to the alleviation of the problem which the agency la designed to alleviate.) \ b« Adequate definition of the prdblem la a neceaaary condition. DURING Tilt PLANNING FDR FUl'URE DIALOCUK S Nl U DID THE THIRD PARTV CONSULTANT: ! till) parties in renoivlng their conflict (cnpacially orf;onlzatlonul cllruite).

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4 The National Center Mission Statement The National Center for Research in Vocational Education's mission is to increase the ability of diverse agencies, institutions,- and organizations to splv'te educational prob- " lems relating to individual\areer planning, preparation, and progression. Office of Education, includes the identification and acquisition of curriculum m Merials in print fornn from the Coast Guard, Air Force, Army, Marine Corps ar)d Navy, 'Access tojmilitary curriculum, materials is provided through a ^'Joint Memorandum of Understanding" between 'thi? Stillwater, OK 74704 405/a77-2000 SOUTHEAST James F. P«ycho I6gy ot Pr«J tulles M* Identify Ch« forna of pr«Judlcy4ad diacrlpdikatloii, and way* of coping with •ach.

(2) ' Nev perspectives on the probleni will emerge as analysis continues. People who feel the problem must be Involved in the process. lt raqulraa liitalllgant application In ordar' to ba uaeful* It raqulraa paraonnal'to raallza that It takaa Qpre than ona peraon to auccaasfully raaolva a problem. ASSIQ4MENT bb5 Instruct studsnt to revlctv the material « CLOSURE Offer aaalatance to students. Uuild in a different rty co HHultant into the process.

(1) If it Is impractical/ to involve thos^ that surfaced the irob- lem» at least keep them Informed. Give examples of force (1) Dcmon Htrnte- the present ^ level thcfoiry* (2) Show that some forces ma* 2 * Kemar Report: Seeking Consensus /lijiercisa* (W3 A-l II-2-8) (Hours 1 & 2). ^ ipto groups and kxplain the goals of Cha axetclae: ' ' « \ ) (1) To compare the results of individual daciaion^9aking with the raaulta of group daclalon makings \ '\ (2) To t;euerate data* to \ liiscus B decl Bion^making patterns In \aak nroupa. Distribute the Kcrner Report Individual Worksheet and Inform stu- dents \liat thsy( have 20 minutes to convlct\the task*. After 30 ^nutes antort Gro Op Exercise (WS A-III-2-9) and read the following Instrucpions : i Jlj (1) Iif Blvlduals are not to change any answers on their individual fheets as a result^of group dec is ion i (2) A member\^f* the group is chosen as recorder and ranks the Croup Worksheet as consensus is reachjed for each item. ( APPMCATIOH PROUUi M SOLVING USIN': THE FORCE FIKLD, ANALYSIS INSTRUCTIONS J U Identify the proh Un* frotn th« Itet you (ircparea darlnr, Introduction , to Problem Solving. 5 3 0 4, State availability over a specific perloti of tine following the confrontation. Ensure that the parties have a specific time and/or inirpose planned for raeetin R again.

He in soi\ie \ ay implies that the client ought to or might pr^^fitahly cie\ elop or discuss a point fnrth he does. Define the ptoblem, (1) Determine specific (2) Assess where each «party stands on issue.

Evaluative, A response t tendency which indicates that the counselor has made a judgment of relatise goodness, appropriateness, effectiveness. * * tlt D«ii th« problera» A« £ir«t defined, la r^ot the real iteaue at all. »■-■''■ V (IX Brainstorming - a "good tech Nlque for "(Ictennlnlng solutions. (a) Set Va, time limit (api^roxlroately 30.mlnufes to an hour).S.* Except Ohio) Military Curriculum Materials for Vocational and Technical Education Inforniation and Field Services Division The Nalionn I Center for nesoarch in Vocational Education Military Curriculum Materials Dissemination Is . Stjuias tha cauaas, paychblogy, and manifastationa of prajudica. Cros«-Cultural Dlff«r«nc*« Mid Dif^icultl«« BLACKS ' ' . Identify hiatorical and current ppliticali^ aocioaconow Lc ayanta and attit^udaa whic^ coabine to ihape the fraaa of rafaranca for Natlw Aaaricana in tha USA today an'dn Laka croaa-cultural cbi ication diffi- cult. Identify hietprical and cur raikt political, aocioaconomic avanta and attitudaa, which conbina to shape tha fraaa of rafaranca for Aaian- Aaaricana In tha USA today and aaka cross-cultural co Munlcation diffi- cult. ' HISPANIC AMERICANS - ; Identify hiatorical and currant political, sodoaconowlc avantf- and attitudaa which coab^na to ahapa tha fraaa of rafar^ica for Hlapanlc Aaericana in tha USA today and aaka croaa-culturi JL co«Mmic«Cloa diffi- cult. ' MS AB-I- \MS , AB-I- V WS AB-I- AB-i- WS AB-I- UO AB-I^ WS Aftf-I- VO AB-I- W8 AB-I- 6*10, Black Parapact^vaa 6-11, Aalan Aaarl Ouks 6-12, JNatlva AMrlcana 6-13, Traditional Anarlca^ Valuda 6-14, Guidalimaa for Bq^K Traataant of tha Saxaa 6-16, Opinionn Aira on Wfl Bihood 6-19, Authentic Ralationihip Exarciaa (Part I - Whita^a) 6-20, Authantic Ralatlonahip Exarciaa (Part II - Blacka) 6-21, Uonan V * 6-22, Authai^c Ralyation^i Oii P fexarclaa (Part III - Whitaa) 6-?

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