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07-Oct-2017 03:43

A lot of guys, even in their twenties and early thirties, have roommates even though they are making well over 0,000 a year. They are into their career, and most are quite immature.

It makes it difficult to have a serious relationship. And then there are a ton of early-forties guys who never married. We don't know where they hang out or what they do.

It's actually the other way around: There are definitely very accomplished older professional women here.

Older women are just picking up the 28-year-olds because they can. It won't work," and they tell me, "I've dated older women, and it is so much better." It's pretty common.

You have a lot of guys you can go on dates with, but what makes it difficult is finding a viable partner. They are extremely smart and logical and think, "I can apply that to a relationship and be rational and logical and that will work." They don't realize that as women, we can be emotional — a lot of guys don't have tolerance for that.

Sometimes when they have a deadline or are pushing out a product, for instance, they put in 90 hours.They have waited and were starting companies and then they hit their forties and realized,"Now I'm ready to get married and have kids."These groups are the only two we get hit on by. Especially online, if a guy in his mid-thirties messages me, it's a rarity.My friends and I are done dating anyone not in their thirties, and we don't know where these guys are.It's what they wear to work, so they think it translates to date attire — just wearing their scrubby clothes. I've been on dates with guys you would say are the "whole package," and while they're with you they literally look at other women as they walk away.

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Guys in Silicon Valley spend lot of time on their career and don't have time to devote to relationships.They typically say they would live at work if they could.