Updating typed datasets ecards and dating humor

08-May-2018 18:36

For example, your dataset contains sales information for your department.Your data source is updated every quarter with sales information for the most recent quarter.If your dataset contains multiple tables, you can select which tables to republish, and how to refresh them (by replacing all the data, adding only new data, and so on).If you want to add new data columns to your imported data, rename columns, change data types, and so on, you can edit the dataset. By default, when you republish imported data, Micro Strategy Desktop attempts to automatically update the dataset with new data from the original data source.Get Changes( ));// Confirm that there are updates before continuingif (ds Updated Recs ! Accept Changes( );/* ds Order Tables.i -- include file for Temp-Table definitions */DEFINE TEMP-TABLE tt Order FIELDS (...) INDEX Order Num IS UNIQUE PRIMARY Order Num. = null) else // Remove the pending additional order lines before merging to prevent// duplicate rows if the key fields on the row number were changed during the // update. DEFINE TEMP-TABLE tt OLine FIELDS (...) BEFORE-TABLE tt Oline Before INDEX orderline IS UNIQUE PRIMARY Ordernum Linenum. DEFINE DATA-SOURCE src Oline FOR Orderline.h Src Oline = DATA-SOURCE src Oline: HANDLE. FOR EACH tt Oline Before TRANSACTION: return Value = BUFFER tt Oline Before: SAVE-ROW-CHANGES("Orderline") NO-ERROR. The code examples in this section show how to pass a changes-only Data Set (that is, a Data Set that contains only records that have been added, updated, or deleted) to the App Server and properly process the changes.//Define two strongly-typed Data Setsusing Acme.

You can add cost information for the most recent month to your dataset, without deleting the information for previous months, by adding new data.

It declares the new dataset and empty table and then uses SQLData Adapters to retrieve the data from the table into the datatable.

The datatable is then added to the dataset which is returned as the output of the function.

Perform the following to set the dept_insert stored procedure as the insert command for the typed data set: After that the dept_insert procedure will be used as the insert command of the typed Dept data table.

NET for long, you’re probably familiar with the System. Data Set class which enables you to create a collection of data in memory, often retrieved from an SQL database.In effect, you can have an entire relational database in memory to which your application can refer and save changes, although in practice, I usually limit the data in memory to one datatable or even a single datarow if possible, so as to avoid using too much memory.