Updating radeon 9250 requires admin rights to make changes

14-Apr-2018 07:43

33 • As falls Gael Duval so falls Mandr(ake)iva (by warpengi on 2006-03-13 GMT from Calgary, Canada) Unbelievable. Duval has not posted anything regarding this yet, except to acknowledge that it is done. Especially as I have used Mandrake for my principal desktop OS for 6 years now.

updating radeon 9250 requires admin rights to make changes-83

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Fedora and SUSE are also fully free (as beer) and open. It would be like going back to the roots of Mandrake, IMHO (no pun intended) 37 • ASP Linux (by Glenn on 2006-03-13 GMT from Gainesville, United States) I agree with Post #25.

40 • Special report: Linux in education (by Robert Pogson on 2006-03-13 GMT from Winnipeg, Canada) Thank you! I have been struggling for years to get teachers and students in Canada switched onto Linux using thin clients and servers. I love to be able to pour money, time and files into a server or two and have hundreds benefit.

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