Updating radeon 9250 requires admin rights to make changes

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40 • Special report: Linux in education (by Robert Pogson on 2006-03-13 GMT from Winnipeg, Canada) Thank you! I have been struggling for years to get teachers and students in Canada switched onto Linux using thin clients and servers. I love to be able to pour money, time and files into a server or two and have hundreds benefit.With the new 64 bit cpus, ram, and drives so cheap, using the latest software a school can have state of the art computing for a very small cost.27 • Knoppix 5.0 DVD Ce BIT (by Anonymous Penguin on 2006-03-13 GMT from Brescia, Italy) My understanding is that the English version is a remaster by a user. However all you have to do is to type: knoppix lang=us (or whatever is your language among the supported ones)Please remember also that "=" in a German keyboard is above the 0 (zero).28 • dapper (by mark on 2006-03-13 GMT from Hines, United States) I tried fedora 4 found it very slow but it wasnt the final releasebut I had been running breezy which was nice but I wanted to trythe new gnome compared to that very much improvedrun fedora 3 for 6 months (long time for me) liked it (didnt likethe upgrade process) just my 2 cents 32 • The next Xandros (by Anonymous on 2006-03-13 GMT from Winston Salem, United States) Does anyone know what the next version of Xandros will be like and when the possible release date will be?Last I have tried on a Athlon XP2600 , 512MBytes of RAM and a Radeon 9250 with 128MB's and it also has crashed when reaching X, it didn't seem to load accelerated graphics, as the login screen redraw was extremely slow. 11 • Still waiting (by Shadow on 2006-03-13 GMT from Mount Vernon, United States) I am still waiting to try out Kororaa. 12 • Kororaa (one mused excited user) (by Andy - England.

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I still maintain that picture icons are better for describing nouns than actions - but you learn to adjust, and then wonder - 'how did we get along without it'. They are really not mature and useable at this point, but I suspect the day will come . With the ever increasing level of computing power in the home and the constant need to find new and flashy things to sell this computing power I have little doubt that the idea of 3D will be used for something.I'll be looking at kororaa later - have to replace the power supply in my mini-itx box today.thanks for another great issue! no extra features apart from candy :) - it's all eye candy.