Updating packages in bsd

20-Dec-2017 10:19

To configure remote access, use the “Remote Access” tab shown in Figure 7.1c.

Figure 7.1c: Configuring Remote Access Check the box to “Enable App Cafe Remote”.

It will be similar to the one shown in Figure 7.1a, except the top navigational buttons and configure button will not be displayed and a “Logout” option will be added to the dark grey bar.

Note that App Cafe® will automatically log you out after 60 minutes of inactivity.

You will then be prompted to input the configured username and password.

updating packages in bsd-86

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Software updates are provided every three months, which gives sufficient time for new software versions to be tested.

The file stores the configuration used by App Cafe® and can be edited in a text editor.

By default, the “remote”, “port”, and “ssl” options are set using the information you provided either during a server installation or using the screen shown in Figure 7.1c.

“Custom” assumes that you have followed the instructions to file.

To allow switching between custom repositories, multiple custom repositories can be listed, but only the one marked as active will be used.

App Cafe® uses SSL by default and will automatically create a certificate for this purpose.

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