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13-Feb-2018 12:43

With so many terrific Russian movies to watch, we have narrowed the list down for you.

We based our selection on the following criteria: 1.

Having kids out of school for three months in the summer is a challenge, both logistically and emotionally, particularly if grandparents aren’t readily available to babysit.

Russian movies about romance tend to be on a serious side.

There is a happy ending, but not until after the gang takes a ride inside a truck full of cement, burns down an apartment building and runs around, first almost naked and then disguised as women, in the snow.

Most so-called “free online dating sites” or “freedatingsites” aren’t actually free.

Our favorite is the 1976 version, although with 4 episodes, it is also the longest.

While his wife is at work, the engineer tests his invention and, inadvertently, sends the building’s superintendent and a petty thief to the times of Ivan the Terrible while bringing the tzar himself into the present-day Moscow.