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29-Aug-2017 04:16

She said she hasn’t had a problem with her boys sexting, and believes they use social media responsibly. She had numerous discussions with them before they became active on social media.“It’s really important that the subject of what can happen online be brought up early in life,” Feldman said.Or you can be the overly permissive parent who allows your teens to explore sites and apps at will.Both approaches, experts say, could have dire consequences.Here are two other words that drive home the point: Jessica Logan.In one of the first highly publicized cases of the dark side of “sexting,” Logan is the 18-year-old Ohio teen who killed herself in 2008.And it all started with a nude photo Logan texted to her boyfriend.He forwarded the photo to friends, and the image spread throughout Logan’s school.

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Teens use social media as part of identity exploration and as a way to connect with peers or like-minded adults, Orris said.Logan endured social humiliation and sexual harassment.Two months after graduating, she hanged herself in her room.As many teenagers develop online lives – much of them in secret – parents are charged with the task of mitigating negative outcomes.

You can become the overly protective and paranoid online cop and demand your teen stay away from certain sites and apps (good luck with that).

Sexting 101 Sexting refers to sending or receiving sexually explicit or sexually suggestive images, messages or videos via a cellphone or the Internet.