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And just as the people harassing her were about to escalate the level to bullying, they were struck by misfortune.Instead of Shika Kagura, harm came to those who wanted to bully her.She even retained that tranquil expression of hers while she was speaking.Her attitude didn’t seem cold, haughty, or condescending. She acted as if she were saying the perfectly ordinary "please take care of me," but her words clearly showed her unwillingness to bond with her classmates. Of course, she was later called to the teacher’s office for a discussion.Firefly brings together what teachers need, from timetables, lesson plans and resources, through to homework setting, tools for marking and ways to track progress.Teachers develop a one-to-one, personal learning conversation with each of their students.

All the victims were known by the entire class as those who were harassing Shika, so this didn’t look like any normal series of accidents.

" Seiji could make numerous comments on this situation.