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15-Jul-2017 05:12

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She goes for women younger than her and minorities. The only negative thing I have noticed about Suzanne is the fact that she leans her head over to her left.

That person didn't say anything about current partner, just that she used the date a cadet who was the daughter of a judge.

Someone else on Wiki Answers stated that she is dating T. I just want to reach out and straighten her head on her neck.

Aparently no one here or at the DL knows any inside info. Is this anomaly perhaps due to some sort of injury? Wiki Answers states that she is a lesbian but the person who answered the question did not elaborate. On the TV screen I find that distracting and irritating.

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He stood out for me cuz she said he was quite kinky and liked the girls to walk over him in high heels.At this age she has already achieved everything as a journalist and she is always thriving for more.

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