Stop azureus vuze updating

28-Jan-2018 14:28

I went to their site and updated to the latest driver which did fix the problem - I am not sure if you are also using a Realtek card, but if you are, I certainly would upgrade. If you say this worked for you then I'm all for it. I mean I've scribbled down RTL8168C(P)/8111c(P) but I can't find it on their page; this seems to be the closest match: tw/downloads/… Oh, and once I have the file, what do I do--just run it?? I too encountered the problem of my computer freezing whilst using Vuze.

In my case this occurred after installing MS Office, which included Outlook.

I tried to download transmission yesterday, but was told that it can’t run with my OS. Your issue is that Trashme and probably Vuse is not compatible with 10.4.11 anymore.

Downloaded Trash Me and got this message “You cannot open the application Trash Me because it is not supported on this architecture.” GAH! Vuse probably updated without you noticing and then stopped working.

For example, I haven't heard of anyone having what you are saying in Vuse, but I have heard it all the time in Utorrent - and even had it myself at one point.

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