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They nest in all regions of the state and do not make long distance migrations.To help learn more about this little known period of their life cycle, in the years before they become an adult, we have started tracking juvenile eagles by attaching a solar charged, battery powered satellite GPS transmitter to them.In 2013, we tagged “Haliae” (D/88) as a Merrill Creek nestling.She fledged and spent the winter of 2013-14 ranging around northern Chesapeake Bay in MD.The data collected by these amazing technological devices includes their exact location, altitude, flight speed, date and time of day.With this, we can then see where they go to forage and roost at night.One eaglet, probably the youngest of the three, remained close enough and became one of our study eagles.She was lowered to the ground where she was measured and fitted with the transmitter.

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Millville The nest where Millville hatched is on the upper Maurice River, in a tall pine with a beautiful river view.Unfortunately the female chick died in October, 2011 due to starvation.She tested positive for West Nile Virus which could have contributed to her death.Biologists chose one eagle from Atlantic County, a male named "Nacote" and a female, named "Millville" from Cumberland County to be entered into this new telemetry study.

To continue the study, in May 2015 a juvenile male, named "Oran" from a nest in Cumberland County was fitted with another GPS transmitter.Bald eagles have made a remarkable recovery in New Jersey over the last forty years.