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Don’t tell Adolf about the exciting playgrounds of the bomb damaged houses.Don’t tell Adolf about the excitement of the search lights and the guns and don’t tell Adolf how he changed my early childhood into an adventure often frightening, but with vivid memories I recall to this day. It must have been sometime in 1940 when I was almost four years old.Many a new friendship and romance has begun on the Mojito Mile.made a big effort to make Mojito Milers feel welcome.There is constant pressure to drink up as soon as possible and get travelling to the next place.

It feels much more like the clubber-oriented bars of nearby Vauxhall than Clapham’s hardcore drinking dens.Pub crawls are usually fun but can be a bit extreme.The Monopoly pub crawl (drinking in a pub on every street and station on the monopoly board) is a classic example and although is a cracking day it is also a bit hard core as you have no real time to rest.This is really part of the charm of the event as it does not get so big that it is becomes unwieldy and bars are unable to cope.

It brings together people who are in your wider social network, friends of friends and beyond!Starting with about 25 people at 1pm, the 2011 Mojito Mile grew throughout the afternoon to approximately 70-80 people visiting the following bars: Four of the bars were new to the Mojito Mile as previous years has seen the route incorporate Clapham Old Town and Clapham High Street, whereas for 2011 Mojito Milers headed to Clapham South.