Seventh day sabbath dating

20-Apr-2018 05:07

Investigative Judgment: This refers to a process that started in 1844 CE and remains active in Heaven today.

Jesus is going through the Book of Life -- as mentioned in Revelation 5 -- to determine who is saved and who is lost. That is, salvation is dependent upon both one's beliefs and one's works.

When Jesus returns to Earth in the near future at the time of his second coming, everyone's eternal fate will already have been determined.

Seventh-day Adventist members note that the Bible states that God's pattern is to investigate before exercising judgment.

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Eternal life is a gift which God gives only to righteous Christians; the rest will be ultimately annihilated and no longer exist in any form.

Thus, they do not believe that a person goes to heaven for an eternal reward or to hell for never-ending torture immediately upon death as do many other conservative Christian denominations.

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In Revelation 20:4-6, at the time of Jesus' second coming, Jesus is described as having arrived on Earth to execute previously determined judgment on humans, not perform investigations to determine what judgment is just for each individual.

Jesus' return: The second coming of Christ is imminent.

They believe that a person is not naturally immortal.

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