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At first, Sasuke does not view Naruto as an opponent worth considering, but is quickly surprised at Naruto's growth, and becomes fiercely competitive.In the finale to Part I, their rivalry leads to a fight and the two grow further apart.

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Three character dress up game with Sakura, Naruto and Sasuke from the Naruto anime and manga.Despite Sasuke's darker character development in later parts of the story, Kishimoto avoided making Sasuke an evil person.Sasuke's design challenged Kishimoto as he drew the manga, but he has since grown to greatly enjoy drawing him.It was originally to last longer than the final version.

When dramatic plot developments made Sasuke one of the series' antagonists, Kishimoto compared him and Naruto to the yin and yang due to their notable differences and complementary natures.Sakura is dragging Naruto and Sasuke along, maybe forcing them to be friends?