Phone call updating maps for gps

08-Apr-2018 13:22

Click here for a sample list of devices compatible with our GPS Maps.At this time we do not have maps available for any other brand of GPS, but we hope to be able to offer more brand options soon.You also will no longer have to use the “Near…” function to search for POI’s once you are actually in the country as your GPS will recognize your location. If you have a different model please refer to your owner’s manual for instructions on how to turn maps on and off as well as how to view maps and search maps of a country other than the one in which you are currently located.) First be sure that the map you want to search is the only one turned on on the GPS by doing the following: From the main screen of your GPS choose Tools → Settings → Map → Map Info You will now see a list of all maps installed on your GPS and/or SD card.You will be able to simply select the desired icon from the "Where To? Uncheck all maps except the one you want to search.In most emerging countries there is a lack of a central address system which can make navigation by the "address" more difficult, so we recommend NOT searching with the Address function.However, there are several other ways programmed into your GPS for finding a destination.If you still encounter difficulties send an email to support.Provide us with as much information as possible about the issues you experienced so that we can best determine the cause of the issues.

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Then follow the instructions for installing the map to Base Camp on your computer.Your password was emailed to you after your purchase.