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04-Oct-2017 05:41

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The charge is against the German parent company, but investigators were looking for evidence of the alleged offence that might be in the possession of the Canadian subsidiary.“We have no reason to believe that (the Canadian subsidiary has) committed any offences,” Korol said.

An information sheet sworn on Friday with the Ontario Court of Justice in Whitby by provincial officer Dean Lemcke says he has “reasonable and probable grounds” to believe that Volkswagen AG “did commit the offence of causing or permitting the operation of motor vehicles …

Solar panels are also highly important parts since they power the satellite, meaning the life of any given satellite is directly dependent on how long solar panels last while in service.

The longer a satellite can last, the more cost-effective its operation.

Components intended for use on satellites face recurring changes between temperature extremes several times per 24-hour period.

The components of satellites that take the worst form of thermal cycling abuse are the solar panels.In order to predict the anticipated lifetime of solar cells (also known as coupons), NTS has conducted tests on different solar cells to simulate the kind of temperature cycling that would be experienced while in orbit.In one of our tests, we placed some coupons in a chamber with an atmosphere of nitrogen and used a special lamp to heat them up.Environment and Climate Change Canada, the federal ministry, is the lead agency for investigating the importation and sale of Volkswagen vehicles with the defeat device.

This newest charge, however, is for the provincial offence of causing vehicles to operate with higher than allowed emissions levels.

Simply put, simulated test environments are all about preparing products for real-world use.

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