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I'll give no spoilers here, only to say that they did just enough tweaking on the thriller movie concept that was undoubtedly done best when played by the beautiful Rebecca De Mornay as the sexy-psycho-sitter, Peyton.LMN kept all the key factors that made this type of thriller work, and added a few, fresh concepts that really, really did work all in favor of the movie. For fans of ' The Hand that Rocks the Cradle' this 2014 baby sitter from hell lifetime standard thriller is entertaining and fresh enough.The whole thing comes to a sticky, if predictable, end, although the last scene, the "twist", I hadn't guessed, although I don't think it added anything to the film.It was the lack of depth to the characters, the weak dialogues and wooden acting which make the whole thing rather risible and tedious. basic instinct or fatal attraction but it was nowhere near as good.I think that this is too harsh for young ones it is too early to learn about sex and bad words.please watch before showing.Lifetime Movie Network got it right this time with a great spin on the age old "hand that rocks the cradle" concept!The idea that this is as good as the hand that rocks the cradle movie is all wrong. The couple that hires this girl as a babysitter calls one number as a reference and then hire her. The babysitter is pushed from the 3rd floor window and hits the ground ... the movie starts out OK but there is no way a person can crash out of a 2 story window and get up and walk away for sure she would have ruptured her spleen and a fetus would never never survive a fall like that!!!!

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and of course a hot seemingly perfect teenage heather comes along at the right time.You can hear dialogue from the TV but when we cut to the TV it's the iconic shadow on the wall shot of Nosferatu walking up stairs. The new element is the nanny cam which so many people are using now.