Love with no boundary dating ryan gosling hayden panettiere dating

15-Aug-2017 06:45

However, because your relationships will be more "conditional", personality differences can continue to be worked through after you pick a partner and fall in love.

I believe that such a bond is priceless and should be nurtured with great affection.Love is part of our emotions, attachment chemicals in the brain (for those inclined), and spirit (for those inclined). They require two (or more) individuals in communication, commitment, and cooperative exchange.Relationships, however, are an entirely different thing. As a result, love (feelings) and relationships (decisions) can have separate rules and expectations.Furthermore, because there is an expectation to "accept the partner for who he/she is" at all times, relationships may perpetuate under the worst of conditions.

On the other hand, the distinction between love and relationships is upheld with individuals that say "healthy relationships are necessary too".

After all, they assume, if you love someone unconditionally and truly bond with them, then you don't ever try to influence, limit, persuade, or set boundaries with them...right?