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19-Jan-2018 19:05

Despite how superficial and narcissistic we’re made out to be, we’re actually the most highly educated and authentic people out there.We’re attracted to intelligence because we understand its worth. Well, if you’re struggling with these five dating challenges, then chances are… #1 and #4 on the list are worth watching right now, and are likely the biggest reasons most intelligent women can identify with. – Speaking of intelligent women, you probably understand an awesome deal when you see it… In my latest video I break down 5 reason why this is the case.

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So, it's the smartest among us who are also the most sexual.

The study tested the sperm of 400 men after putting them through intense mental testing.

Those with higher IQs directly correlated with having healthy sperm. Women are attracted to intelligence because their ovaries can sense that choosing a smart mate means a better chance of having babies.

We’re thinkers and creatives more than anything else. We’re trying to get our hands on everything we can to improve ourselves. We’re writing on every forum we can get our name on. We’re looking down on anyone without a college degree, and we’re absorbing all of the information the Internet can provide for us.

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We're utilizing our resources for the greater good.

Realize that the men that you meet may not be as smart as you but they may have other attributes that are really, really important and great.

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