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Before you purchase a program you need to create an account first for your convenience and for the data security of our customers.IF YOU HAVE AN ACCOUNT ALREADY just log into that account at the top of any page on the website.If you've lost your password, you can recover it via email at the top of any page as well. ONCE YOU'VE CREATED A NEW ACCOUNT you'll need to return to the program page and add that item to your cart to purchase. We enter the swanky little cocktail lounge and I fumble over my words, apologizing profusely for my lateness in a single breath.The drink menu includes bizarre cocktails with ingredients I either can’t pronounce or wouldn’t expect and he thwarts my attempt to pay for my own drink. He pulls out the cushy ottoman seat for me to sit on and it seems chivalry has been resurrected.Despite being a pretty social person, I don’t date.I am not at all charming within the contrived setting of a first date.

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Whether you’d like to compliment an outstanding Hi Five 24 (Baked and Fried Chicken) employee or if you feel we have fallen short your comments are welcome. ” Operations Managers Suraj Sharma and Milind Palashetkar demonstrate this shared hand gesture, followed by an automatic eruption of laughter, as their employees and customers look …

Every single time we bonded over a restaurant or I unleashed one of my 5-star anecdotes he would let out a slow and dramatic, “Oh. As night goes on, he slowly slips into the theater student stereotype I had feared all along.

He animates his speech with exaggerated arm gestures and laughs so heartily that he actually startles a couple talking quietly beside us.

At that moment my date, let’s call him Canada (a creative alias for, well, a Canadian), peeks his head out of the door and smiles at me.

My arms go numb as my worst nightmare about this first date is realized: he’s totally hot.So I’m standing there in shock as the hot Canadian recognizes me and tells Jay-like-Leno, “She’s with me.” I look around for Molly Ringwald, and wait for a Peter Gabriel power ballad to start playing, but the absence of the two affirms that this is actually real life.