Han ye seul and eric dating Online text sex chat online

01-Jul-2017 03:09

Entah mengapa saya langsung teringat dengan karakter Chun Hyan dan Mong Ryong.

Walaupun mereka berada di dunia yang berbeda, namun saya merasa karakter yang akan diperankan akan mirip satu sama lain.

I also really like the second pic, of him in a beanie, all thoughtful and a little pensive.

I also love the little detail, that he’s got his glasses hanging on his tee.

I mean, just, THE DISCOVERY OF MANLY-MAN SEXY Thanks to my friend Timescout who loved the show, I checked out Discovery of Love sooner than I’d originally planned, and upon checking it out, found myself very, very quickly mesmerized by Eric.

One of my immediate thoughts, on first checking out Discovery of Love, was, super sexy.

I also really dig that pic of him in a black tank, mid-drink of water.

He looks like he recently rolled out of bed and just happens to be wearing his bedroom eyes.

There’s something that I find very warm about him when he lights up on camera, like he does in these shots. And how about that 4th shot of him, just walking down the street? The Sharp Suit The sharp suit is one of my favorite looks on a man, and Eric cleans up real nice.It’s hard to pick a favorite in this set, but I do think that I like the one with him in a striped hoodie Likey.Laidback Sexy I like the laidback sexy on Eric a whole lot, coz it’s so casual; it’s the I-can’t-help-it kinda sexy, which I dig.I also watched a couple of Shinhwa music videos, and found that I’m not quite used to his more flamboyant, guyliner-ed, dancing-and-rapping music persona. If my fangirl journey has taught me one thing, it’s to never say never!

But that means I’ve also excluded most of those pix from this post.

Sure, I don’t dig the silvery looking suits they seem to keep putting him in, but he wears the sharp lines well and I like how he looks with the darker, short hair he wears in most of these pix.

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