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Erin & Dino held a memorable Christmas gathering with fake snow and an ugly sweater contest back in 2009. We occasionally get to see theater together (either in NY or LA) and it’s always a lot of fun. My grandpa Henry read about it in the newspaper and insisted that he and my grandmother trek down to the local mall to meet “one of Erica’s co-workers.” This was back in 2006 and I hadn’t been at the show very long, so I was mortified (but also delighted) to get a voicemail of my grandfather walking up to Greg and telling him who I was. I will always treasure this story, and I told it at my grandpa Henry’s funeral in 2008.

These photos are from the Y&R holiday party in 2011 at Vodvil. And over the years my real family has come to visit the Y&R set several times. She just gave birth to her first child last week, actually. And since my grandparents didn’t watch the show at the time (although they began tuning in daily immediately after this to catch their new friend Greg), they asked Greg to sign the autograph to ME, and then they mailed it to me. He was a very special man and he was so proud of me for working at Y&R.

This is especially appropriate to share because tomorrow I turn 29.

One of our actors sang the national anthem (Adrienne Frantz) and another sang “God Bless America” (Jamia Simone Nash) during the seventh inning stretch.

Moving along with the sporting events theme, here’s a shot Molly, Lynsey, and me running a 5k on the Paramount backlot in 2008.

It was special to gather with the Y&R ladies and celebrate her impending bundle of joy.

Here’s Christian Le Blanc (Michael) cradling our director Sally’s new son. It has been such a joy to watch my co-workers meet their future spouses, fall in love, and get married over the years. This next wedding was extra special because two of our co-workers got married to each other!

It’s fun to cut loose outside of work once in awhile.