Github graphs not updating aberdeen dating events

01-Aug-2017 05:25

Although everyone can make their own choices, it makes me very worried about their well-being.

Being based on git activity, which can easily backdated, the graph is also trivial to spoof – so not all long streaks may be real.

Your Github profile is increasingly becoming your resume, and these stats are a good way for employers to see your commitment and hard work very quickly, or so I thought.

One day, I happened to look at my Github stats in an incognito window, and noticed that my public stats were wildly different the stats I see when I’m logged in to Github.

Many contributors care deeply, at the risk of saying yes too often harming their well-being.

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Git Hub's guesser not only doesn't guess these cases well, it always seems rather broken to me (though its intent is not to display graphs just for one repo in the first place, but rather to track multiple repos linked via Git Hub's "fork" operation).So the graph motivates me to work in my weekends as well, and not take breaks.When I see someone with a 416 day streak, it means they haven’t taken a break for a single day in over a year.First of all, it’s really fun to see your stats, and once you have a streak going, you just can’t break it!

However, the thing that really excited me were the implications for job seekers, especially those just starting to code and building up their portfolio.A calendar which rewards people for doing work on as many different days as possible, generally making more contributions, and making contributions on multiple days in a row without a break.

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