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18-Apr-2018 16:33

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While not a revolutionary design, the guns do have some interesting features; the hammer assembly is particularly well-thought-out.

Not only does the subassembly make it easy to inspect the component parts, but the cartridge feed guides are incorporated into its housing, which makes feeding more reliable and less reliant on the magazine feed lips.

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Examples of similar arms include the Chinese Type 53 rifle, which is a copy of the Russian Model 44 bolt-action, and the Type 56 rifle, which is nearly identical to the Soviet SKS.

A simple, reliable and easy-to-maintain pistol, it was in service until the early 1950s when it was replaced by the Makarov (also known as the Pistol Makarova or PM).

Several Soviet satellite countries—including Poland, Romania, Yugoslavia and Hungary—adopted pistols styled after the Tokarev.

The only safety on military pistols is the half-cock notch on the hammer.

The firing pin is not of the inertia type, so it is not safe to carry it hammer-down with a round in the chamber.

They are essentially a simplified version of the John Browning locked-breech design.

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