Dating tactics

30-Mar-2018 05:39

This all should be part of human mating intelligence.

In his work on consumer behavior from an evolutionary perspective, Gad Saad (2011) suggests that a great deal of our purchases are rooted in mate signaling – particularly for young male adults purchasing cars!

"However, this box is now stuck in (x) country’s customs.

In order to release it they claim they have to pay a customs release fee – which is then requested from the victim." Online dating scams are nothing new, but they are on the rise.

According to recent figures, these requests for cash appear to be working.

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In a study conducted by Saad and his team in the streets of Montreal (Saad & Vongas, 2008), males were given the assignment of driving a Porsche or a clunker – and they drove right through downtown or out toward the strip malls.

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Their testosterone was measured after their little joy rides.Of course, driving a Porsche that you don't own during a psychology experiment doesn't exactly make you all that – but the lessons are still apparent: signaling wealth – regardless of actuality – is a successful (if deceptive) strategy in the arsenal of male mating strategies.

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