Dating caspian sea level change examples of world accommodating new religious movements

05-Jul-2017 05:23

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That conflicts with the existing climatic hypothesis of the Khvalynean transgression, attributing the latter to wetter climate.Recently, the Khvalynyan sediments (and the chocolate clays in particular) are considered as "cryo-suspensites" resulting from rapid melting of permafrost and activation of solifluction processes at warmer phases during the Valdai deglaciation (Chystyakova and Lavrushin, 2004).Our investigations revealed traces of a great flooding in the Ponto-Caspian region and its drainage basin at the time of the last (Valdai) ice sheet melting, about 17 to 10 ka BP.That flooding imposed its imprint on various landscapes: on coastal plains, river valleys, interfluvial surfaces and even on slopes.The work has been aimed at the search for events which are not unlike in dimensions and age to the Noahs Deluge retained in human memory.

Characteristic reddish-brown color of the "chocolate clays" cannot be attributed to free iron oxides, it is most probably related to iron-containing clay minerals.

Under "Flood" we understand the epoch of the Late Glacial inundation within the Ponto-Caspian basin at ~17 to 10 ka BP (with the maximum at 17-14 ka BP).

In case the Flood was a real fact of the history, then besides tales and myths, it had to leave certain traces in bottom sediments of the sea, in fossils, landforms, old coastlines, etc.

The Khvalynean sediments are divided into three parts: Lower, Middle and Upper Khvalynean.

The Lower Khvalynean occur at the base of the marine series on the Atelian loams and are overlain by Elton continental sediments.

In the marine sequence of the Caspian basin the Khvalynean layers occur above the Late Khazarian ones (dated to the last interglacial) and below the New Caspian (Holocene) deposits.

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