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Other designation terms are Attractive Male; Beautiful Female; which are used for those who are not as wealthy as the above, but are looking to date the wealthy ones.

The membership is naturally free for Attractive males and for Beautiful Females.

The site allows members to find professionals earning more than 0,000 a year.

These are profiles of men who have achieved a high level of success and excelled in their lives.

It was a success from there.” After five years, tiring of the hotel’s punishing routine, Molloy sold up and went back to college – this time in London – to study psychology (she is now working on a Ph D). While applying for some consulting jobs, one of her interviewers mentioned that he had just bought an introduction agency. Molloy’s ambition for Berkeley was to “put it on the map as the world’s best introduction agency”, and she is proud of its progress. In London it could be a lawyer or doctor, an architect or a vet.” The difference between a standard online dating site and an introduction agency, says Molloy, is “filtration”.

The agency has offices in London, Cannes, New York and Manchester, and Molloy hopes to set up in Ireland, where 20 per cent of clients are based. Of Berkeley’s 2,500 members, the youngest is 18 (“her father paid for her membership because he wanted her to meet a doctor from Harvard”) and the oldest is an 83-year-old widower. “Think about the kind of people who join and the cheques they write.

She put her house in Co Westmeath on the market and started looking for a property in the south of France. “I came over with no French and opened the hotel doors. I had to buy a new telephone system – it was like trying to buy a bloody rocket. There’s a pizza oven, with a pizza chef who lived in her house. To her, ,000 was nothing.” Not long after that trip, Molloy says, she got talking to a man sitting next to her on a plane and persuaded him to sign up.

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“Some people are really modest about their money,” she replies. She started to ask people about what seemed a counter-intuitive trend and eventually concluded that people feel “it’s terrible to be alone in times of difficulty”.In a competitive industry, Berkeley situates itself at the most exclusive end of the spectrum.“I get an awful lot of people who pay the ,000 global head-hunting fee, but they don’t want to meet a wealthy person.

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They ask me to find them a normal person with a normal income.” She may see it as just another business, but Molloy is alive to the occasional madness of her trade.

Originally from Co Wexford, Molloy spent her early career running the marketing side of a software start-up.