Books dating 4 demons

04-Sep-2017 22:13

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Accountant by trade, Mina normally does the books for Aunt Luce’s business, but this year Aunt Luce wants her to coach Jedd Madison, stud of the incubi stable and Mina’s nemesis from her teenage years, on dating techniques. Maybe it’s time to turn the tables on her nosy aunt from Hell.Alexis Fleming is one of those strange people who live inside their mind. Well, she does, just not the type you're thinking of.She belonged to the twin-set-and-pearls brigade, her makeup always perfectly applied, right down to the slash of red lipstick outlining her mouth. Today’s offering was a deep red pair with multiple straps that encased her tiny feet and circled her ankles. It’s your job assignment for the next month.” “You have got to be kidding me.” She looked at the note, although she didn’t really need to.Ergo, the perfect grandmother, but then she ruined the image with her shoes. Mina didn’t have to search far to work out where she’d gotten her love for sexy footwear. She’d memorized every word since it had arrived in her inbox that morning. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear I was standing in the fires of Hell.” Copyright © Alexis Fleming 2014.Even the prick of her long nails on her palms couldn’t distract her from the anger whipping through her blood.

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Sink your fangs into another vampire sorority tale from the author of Braced2Bite and Fangs4Freaks! So Hunter comes to her rescue and tutors her-in a graveyard, of all places.She crumpled the sheet of paper up again and tossed it into the sink with the broken glass. Even the prick of her long nails on her palms couldn’t distract her from the anger whipping through her blood.

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