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I am trying to collect the Greek folk songs that people sing during Greek wedding rituals.It would be nice to have the Greek, the Greeklish and the translations. Keep reading to learn a few tips on increasing communication in your marriage.No one can read minds, so you shouldn’t expect your partner to be able to read yours. You should ask your spouse directly whenever you want something. You’ll also need to work on your listening skills if you want to enhance your communication.You should know that your marriage will likely experience plenty of problems if you and your spouse can’t communicate very well.Communication is one of the things that couples need to work on.Trust is also one of the most important things to have in a relationship.

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In order to see it, you should go to ‘ Then, people will be able to take pictures (selfies) and upload them on the unlimited webcam wall integrated to the module.

The “webcam” module is integrated in all p H7CMS versions (except 1.2.0 Beta, for bug issue).

However, it seems that most people don’t really know about it.

Those really having trouble with communication should consider getting professional help.

You two can go away on a retreat to a communication workshop. These are just a few ways that you can increase the level of communication between you and your partner.Select one that has a big number of members and a strong reputation. If there's something that you loathe, it's far better to give up and look for somebody who merits you.