Australian aboriginal dating sites

16-Jun-2018 22:33

A newspaper article mentions only that the art is ‘closely linked with Christianity’.In personal correspondence, the discoverer would only reveal that the art contained motifs of ‘the Great Flood and the rebirth of the people from one family’.4 If in fact it turns out that there are no post-Babel stories in this ‘biblically inspired’ rock art, the theory that they were inspired by early Christian contacts would be hard-pressed to explain this. It would be much easier to explain as just one more example of the Aborigines’ memory of the Flood.The stories of one tribe insist that this incident happened not in the Middle East, but near Cooktown, in Australia’s Far North Queensland.3 Not surprisingly, they have no cultural memories of Jonah and the fish, or of Moses crossing the Red Sea; it all ends with Babel, and they didn’t get it from the missionaries.

The incongruity is glibly passed over by referring to it as the ‘world’s oldest unbroken record of continuity of art’ or something similar.Under such ‘fashionable’ social pressure, it is no wonder that each new ‘dating’ of the Aborigines seems to just keep growing older and older.