Alcoholic dating a drinker

13-Sep-2017 17:52

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I have had the same drinking habits all this time, i rarely get drunk (maybe once or twice a year), but regularly have a beer or two.For years and years it wasn't an issue, but now it has become our main and only issue. She says she can't be with someone who drinks, and has issued ultamatums several times that i must stop or she will leave.With a gleam in his deep, brown eyes and a smirk on his face, he stared at me and started singing. Our love story continued for a few months, and in July, I noticed something was wrong — wrong.He had me, 21-year-old girl, absolutely fooled, head-over-heels in love.When we arrived at his apartment, it just looked like a typical 24-year-old's bachelor pad.Sports memorabilia scattered the walls and piles of dirty laundry littered his bedroom floor. I asked him to play me a song and he started strumming his favorite Pearl Jam intro.If you have such a suspicion, don’t wait around a few more months to prove it.It’s certainly your right to mention your concern to him or ask him directly if he thinks he might have a problem, but whatever he says doesn’t mean much when your instinct — the most powerful self-protective mechanism you have — tells you there’s a problem.

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A quick word to the wise: Watch out for the inevitable date who’s an alcoholic.

I grew up without talking about this disease, and didn't realize its severity until someone I loved suffered.

It's a serious issue, and it's about time we start talking about the real consequences of alcoholism. I was enjoying my last weeks as an undergraduate and had just returned to my hometown after taking a vacation.

Most importantly, watch how he responds to the fact that you’ve declined. Early in the dating process, it’s good to tell him your views on alcohol and drugs.

If you’re not a big drinker and don’t want to be with a big drinker, tell him from the start in a nice, gentle way.Again, watch how he responds and take note of any defensiveness. No one wants to believe their new guy is an alcoholic, so any sense you have that he might have a drinking problem is a cause for concern.

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