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Abigail | December 16, 2005 AM Here's a few to start with: The early novels of John Crowley - The Deep, Beasts, and Engine Summer - currently collected in the omnibus Otherwise Maureen F.

Mc Hugh's China Mountain Zhang and the collection Mothers and Other Monsters Speed of Dark by Elizabeth Moon Air: Or, Have Not Have by Geoff Ryman Girl in Landscape by Jonathan Lethem To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis (for the purposes of being a good gateway, Doomsday Book would also work, but personally I think the book is a disaster) Signs of Life by M.

It's not "current" SF any more than Guns N' Roses' Appetite for Destruction is current rock and roll. Still, quite a few of my suggestions remain even with the additional criteria (why 1995, John? John Harrison Stories of Your Life by Ted Chiang Under the Skin by Michel Faber Pattern Recognition by William Gibson An Exaltation of Larks by Robert Reed kat | December 16, 2005 AM For someone who likes action-laden books, Timothy Zahn's Icarus Hunt, wherein Zahn puts his skills at writing Star Wars better than Lucas to good use and turns out actual sf with them.

Abigail | December 16, 2005 AM Wait, that was 1995? I am continually surprised that Zahn isn't more popular or known for his non-Star Wars books, because they're damned good.

Here are the conditions I'm setting upon recommendations: 1. A book that has a low technological barrier of entry but which has a lousy story is not going to be a good book to recommend to anyone. Refrain from buttering up the host by recommending one of his books. Also, refrain from recommending your books, even if they're perfect gateway SF. Posted by john at December 16, 2005 AM Track Back URL for this entry: Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Outreach in Action: Gateway Science Fiction: » Boskone 43 from Uncertain Principles The following will be of interest only to people who were at Boskone, or who for some reason care deeply about what I did there, so I'll put the bulk of the text below the fold....

Assume your audience is a reasonably literate human adult (25 ) who is unstupid and technologically competent (i.e., can use a computer, cell phone and i Pod), but whose literary SF experience is limited to whatever SF they may have been assigned in high school and college. While I love Young Adult books, focus on SF marketed to adults. Let's share the love here, not bogart the gateway goodness. [Read More] Tracked on February 26, 2006 AM Kevin Q | December 16, 2005 AM See, now, number 6 makes it tough, because my general plan is: Step 1: "Hey, you should read this Scalzi guy's website.

I'd also throw Fear Nothing by Dean Koontz at some people, where this is an underlying sci-fi slant to a man with XP that can only come out at night.

(If you hadn't limited it to 95, I would have said Watchers, but I'm pretty sure it's older than that) John Scalzi | December 16, 2005 AM Daniel H.

In today's technology-driven world, "innovation" has become a basic expectation.

for the action adventure people, give them Matthew Reilly's Contest.

It's an alien, gladiator-type contest that a man and his daughter are involuntarily recruited into within the New York Library.

Finals are almost over, and I'm looking for some good books to read.

K David Klecha | December 16, 2005 AM Bujold diehards on the Lois Bujold mailing list have, for years and years, posted their stories of converting non-SF readers (notably romance-reading friends) into SF with her books.

Entry points on the Miles Vorkosigan series vary, but with the exception of maybe the very last one, any of them after Memory (published in 1996) would work.