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Ideologically the party seemed adrift, its ruthless determination to prolong its rule indefinitely its main unifying force.Enter Xi Jinping, and a program to recentralize power, reinvigorate the party’s ideology with a new popular nationalism and “rejuvenate” the nation — a “China dream” of prosperity at home and respect on the world stage.Yet if liberals and social reformers despair, many people in China applaud “Xi Dada,” their nickname for “Uncle Xi,” just as many Russians have embraced Putin’s populist nationalism.“Xi Dada is different from previous leaders.He is a big personality who is tough,” said a 24-year-old postgraduate chemical engineering student, Jiao Hanhui, as he and his classmates looked at the scientific section of the exhibition.From economic progress to military modernization, from triumphs in space to innovations in cyberspace, from construction of high-speed trains to production of simple tractors, the credit goes to Xi.In photos and videos, he is pictured chatting to toothless, grinning villagers, or surrounded by beaming schoolchildren, guiding white-coated scientists and hard-hatted engineers, and being greeted all over the world with pomp and pageantry.Mao Zedong may have led the party to power but he also led the country into mass starvation under the Great Leap Forward of 1958-1962 and then into the collective madness of the Cultural Revolution.

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Following Chinese politics has been compared to peering into a black box, but next week’s congress might give some clues about how effective Xi has been in clearing out his rivals and about how far his ambitions lie.

BEIJING — Xi Jinping’s face dominates every wall and every section of a major new exhibition in the Chinese capital.

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